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Home Sleep Apnea Test

A home sleep apnea test allows our sleep medicine physicians to monitor and record a multitude of parameters while you sleep and diagnose obstructive sleep apnea in addition to other sleep disorders. Our Beverly Hills sleep apnea clinic utilizes the most advance in home sleep testing equipment currently available. Our highly sensitive in-home sleep study device uses sensors to measure breathing, oxygen saturation, heart rate, snoring, sleep position, stages of sleep, sleep time and more.

Our staff will teach you how to easily wear the sleep study equipment when you are ready to sleep in the comfort of your home. It is advised that you sleep at your regular sleep time and keep the same sleep routine you usually do. Once you are ready for sleep you simply turn on the equipment and turn it off when you awake and return the device to the office so the data can be downloaded and analyzed. There are various treatments for sleep apnea and our doctors will go through the various treatment options with you once a diagnosis is made.