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Stop snoring and treat your sleep apnea
Diagnose the reason why you are not sleeping and treat it
In home sleep study to evaluate and diagnose sleep disorders including sleep spnea
C-PAP Treatment and Alternatives

Home Sleep Study Testing Los Angeles | Beverly Hills

Los Angeles Sleep Study Clinic

We provide a comprehensive program to fully understand, diagnose and treat your sleeping disorder. We can help you obtain the restful sleep your body needs. Our sleep doctors have extensive experience diagnosing and treating a variety of medical issues that affect restful sleep. We perform comprehensive laboratory workups to rule out underlying conditions that cause insomnia as well as provide the most advanced in home sleep study and sleep lab to aid in the diagnosis of your specific sleep condition. Our sleep study records your actual sleep time, stages of sleep, oxygen saturation, heart rate, autonomic response, sleep cycle, and more.

A home sleep study is an effective and convenient way for our sleep specialists to gather and analyze data regarding your sleep patterns. If you feel tired during the day, are having trouble staying awake during normal wake hours, wake frequently at night, snore at night, and do not feel that you obtain a restful sleep our Los Angeles Sleep Study Clinic can help you. The professionals at the sleep study clinic are all trained healthcare providers who offer a comfortable and convenient way to study and diagnose any sleep disorder.

In Home Sleep Study Testing Los Angeles

A home sleep study offers the convenience of staying in your own home while the sleep study is being performed. Skip the clinic and enjoy a stress-free process of sleeping in your own bed and mimicking normal behaviors normally exhibited in sleep and wake hours.

A sleep study can track a patient’s behavior during sleep such as sleep walking or sleep talking while tracking the stages of REM and Non-REM sleep. Those experiencing sleep loss or sleep disturbances usually exhibit a lack of peaceful transition between the two. Experts will be able to track and diagnose a problem by simply looking at the data.

Los Angeles Sleep Study Clinic is dedicated to the highest quality care for patients who are experiencing discomfort during sleep. Our professionals are trained to quickly diagnose and treat sleep disorders that are a result of a possible sleep disorder. Our sleep doctors who are medically trained in sleep behavior can effectively treat and diagnose any abnormal sleep behavior.

Call our clinic today and speak with one of our friendly representatives regarding your sleep issues today! Together we can get you back to sleep!

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