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Sleep Study Clinic

Our Beverly Hills sleep clinic and sleep doctors can diagnose and treat a variety of sleep conditions. We provide an overnight sleep study at the comfort of your home as well as the comfort of our sleep lab. Contact us today to schedule your consultation or sleep study today.

There is no one single cause of a sleep disorder, and sleep disorders can affect anyone of any age. Poor diet, vitamin deficiency, stress and physical characteristics can all contribute to the development of a sleep disorder. Anyone who lives or thinks that they may live with a sleep disorder knows how taxing it can be to try to function when sleep is consistently interrupted or unattainable. If you know what it’s like to live with a sleep disorder, or if you think that you may suffer from a sleep disorder, seek the professional medical guidance of Sleep Study Clinic Los Angeles, a professional sleep disorder clinic offering sleep disorder treatment for a range of sleep disorders including insomnia, sleep apnea, sleep walking, and more. In the event an overnight sleep study is prescribed by one of our physicians, you will be medically observed and monitored while asleep to assist in the accurate diagnosis of a sleep disorder. We also utilize the most advanced in home sleep study equipment to diagnose your sleep condition while you sleep at home in your own bed.

Sleep Disorder Test

After a consultation with a sleep physician and diagnosis of a sleep disorder, Sleep Study Clinic Los Angeles will prescribe a course of sleep disorder test and sleep disorder treatment. Depending on the type of disorder that you suffer from and your medical history, different courses of treatment may be prescribed – from vitamins, supplements, and medications to the use of medical devices like CPAP machines to surgery, several treatment options may be available. As a general rule, however, sleep disorder physicians prefer the use of surgery to cure sleep disorders for moderate to severe cases of sleep apnea or if other treatment options have failed. Finding a course of treatment that works for you is of absolute importance, which is why all treatment plans are tailored to each individual patient and each course of sleep treatment closely monitored by an experienced sleep physician.

Home Sleep Study Equipment

In many cases, sleep disorder diagnosis requires the use of an overnight sleep study. The sleep study allows medical staff to monitor you while you sleep so that they can watch for any manifestations of sleep disorder symptoms. Usually, sleep studies are conducted in a sleep disorder clinic where you spend the night, but thanks to our convenient in home sleep study option, we can administer an overnight sleep study from the comfort of your own home so you can spend the night of your study in the comfort of your own bedroom. Our at home sleep study equipment can be shipped to you and the date recorded from the sleep study is automatically uploaded to us. You can then throw away the sleep study equipment after use without sending it back to us.

Sleep Disorder Clinic

Sleep Study Clinic Los Angeles is a full service medical clinic specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. Our physicians are accomplished medical professionals assisted by a staff of dedicated nurses and assistants who can help patients manage and treat a variety of sleep disorders. Our facility is a quiet and modern medical office where you can feel comfortable about discussing your sleep and medical concerns. Don’t let another night of peaceful and uninterrupted sleep pass you by – to speak with a professional sleep physician about your sleep disorder or a concern that you may have a sleep disorder, contact Sleep Study Clinic Los Angeles today.