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Home Sleep Testing

Our Beverly Hills sleep clinic utilizes the Itamar Watch Pat 200 one of the most advanced in home sleep study equipment available on the market. This home sleep testing equipment  has replaced the need for an in lab sleep study for the diagnosis of sleep apnea, and a variety of sleep disorders.

A sleep apnea test at home is extremely accurate in diagnosis sleep apnea. Our in home sleep testing equipment fits on the wrist like a watch and records changes in oxygen saturation, heart rate, sleeping position, snoring, wake time and sleep tine, the different stages of sleep including (awake, light sleep, deep sleep, REM sleep).

Our office will teach you how to turn on the device and easily use it in the comfort of your home or hotel while you sleep in an environment in which you are accustomed to. Most PPO insurances cover the cost of an in home sleep study without an out of pocket expense to you.

Once you awake in the morning you simply turn off the device and bring it back to our office where the data recorded will be downloaded and interpreted by our sleep physician. He will then go over your sleep study with you and possible treatment options.

Please contact us today to schedule your in home sleep testing.