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Sleep Study Test

After meeting with one of our sleep physicians and reviewing your medical history, sleeping patterns, symptoms and performing a physical examination you may be referred for a sleep study test. A sleep study test involves sensitive equipment that monitors your sleep pattern, stages of sleep such as light sleep, deep sleep and REM (Rapid Eye Movement), vital signs, heart rhythm, respiratory disturbance index or RDI, snoring, sleep onset, oxygen saturations, total sleep time and more.

The result of a sleep study test helps our physicians determine the cause of your sleep condition. We utilize the most advanced sleep study equipment available on the market. Our staff can teach you how to place the sensors for an in home sleep study machine and to turn it on so that you can perform a sleep study in the comfort of your home or hotel room. We can also schedule you to do an in-lab sleep study at one of our locations. Typically the sleep study testing is started at you usual sleep time and is recommended to be performed for a duration of at least seven hours.

Preparing for a sleep study our physicians may ask you to keep a diary of your sleeping habits prior to your sleep study. Our sleep physicians will want to go over all medications that you may be taking to help you sleep or any stimulants you may be taking during the day. Contact us today to schedule your sleep study test using the most advanced sleep monitoring equipment on the market to date.