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Home Sleep Study Test

Home Sleep Study Los Angeles offers the ability to obtain valuable information on your sleep disorder from the comfort of your own home with a home sleep study. A home sleep study is an option that many patients prefer due to its accuracy and the fact that patients can perform the test comfortably in the comfort of their home. Most PPO insurances also cover the cost of an in home sleep study. How it works The Home Sleep Study uses portable devices that will monitor heart rate, oxygen levels, sleep cycles, autonomic function and breathing effort. The device will also record snoring and sleeping positions. If necessary, brain waves may be determined as well.

The monitoring device is extremely easy to use for patients and a written instruction sheet will be provided to take home by Los Angeles Sleep Study.

The monitoring device is set up in a few easy steps.
Put a monitoring device around your wrist.
Attach monitoring clips to your fingers.
Attach a monitoring probe to your chest.
Turn on machine. While it may feel different at first, patients easily adjust to sleeping with the monitoring device.
You should not find it uncomfortable or have a hard time falling asleep. The monitor must be worn all night. It is recommended that the monitor be worn for at least a duration of seven hours. After wearing your home monitoring device for a full night’s sleep, you will simply return the equipment to Los Angeles Sleep Study. The home sleep study gathers an immense amount of information that will be reviewed by our sleep specialist. You will then meet with our sleep doctor to review the findings of your sleep study and receive a detailed report and recommendations based on the information gathered.
Important Things to Know Before your Home Sleep Study
Do what you normally would in preparation for bed. This includes taking any prescribed medications. Speak with a physician before the home sleep study to determine if any medications you are on will affect results.
Avoid caffeinated beverages, such as coffee, soda, and energy drinks, after noon the day of the study.
Do not nap the day of your home sleep study.
Your home sleep study may need to be followed by a lab sleep study, in some cases a lab study may be necessary.
Patients with moderate to severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea will find similar results from either a Home Sleep Study or a Lab study. In less severe cases a Home Sleep Study may underestimate the severity but it will still be detected